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Building Advisor Marketing for Brokers

Find a building. Become the exclusive Condo.com Advisor. Profit from the building.  Welcome to the most comprehensive building marketing program. The Condo.com Building Advisor program for brokers is an exclusive advertising and branding product that establishes your agents and brokerage as exclusive advisors for buildings in order to win listing engagements. High impact marketing through […]


Building Advisor Marketing for Agents – Overview

Find a building. Become the expert. Profit from the building.  Welcome to the most comprehensive building marketing program. The Condo.com Building Advisor marketing program for agents is an exclusive advertising and branding product that establishes one agent exclusively as the “go-to” Advisor for the building on Condo.com in order to win listing engagements and business […]

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Building Advisor – Fast Start Guide to Success

Welcome to the Building Advisor program! This program exclusively establishes you as the go-to “advisor” for building residents and buyers interested in the buildings of your choice.  The unique program is offered by Condo.com – the leading condo marketing site in the world. Building Advisors are provided with a comprehensive suite of online and offline […]


The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Unlike many online marketing programs, the Building Advisor program is exclusive. One agent per building. Based on the massive ROI from closing a single deal per year and the support and extensive marketing done on your behalf – top agents are strategically locking up multiple buildings in their target markets while they are still available. […]

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How to use the free Building Mini-Site

Building Mini-Site are provided with every building. The mini-sites provide detailed building information, images, available units and 2 large areas to capture prospect inquiries. The mini-sites are automatically activated with each account and can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of your Building Dashboard.  The mini-sites are set-up using www.condobuildingexpert.com/yourbuildingname – but can […]


Write Reviews, Win Business

As the Building Expert, you should immediately post 1-2 reviews to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the building and win business.


Exclusive Branding on Unit Listings

To establish you as the exclusive Building Advisor, a high-impact branding area is exclusively displayed on all condo units for sale and rent in your buildings on Condo.com. The Building Expert brand tag is 2-3x the size of other online marketing programs and presents the agent and their contact information in a modern and inviting […]

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How to Choose the Right Building

Choosing the right building or multiple buildings for the program is critical to your success.  The selection process should be based on both your personal experience and knowledge of the building and the specific building performance metrics and score we’ve created around every building. Do you have the Experience?  – The Building Advisor program is […]

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Condo.com launches industry-first marketing program for condo buildings

Condo.com launches industry-first marketing program for condo buildings.  Real-world Monopoly game lets real estate agents buy top buildings and capture business through automated resident marketing.MIAMI, FL (February 1, 2017)  – Condo.com announced today the launch of an innovative marketing program for agents that let them exclusively buy and own the top condo buildings on Condo.com. The patent-pending program […]


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2 Buildings 803 Residents

“I signed up for Condo.com through Danny Garcia, the company’s VP of Business Development, and I must say it was the absolute best marketing decision I have made.  As a condo.com Building Expert, I get to have a direct outreach to the entire building database at once without having to plan or think about marketing strategies, nor […]


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