Real estate sales requires a long-term view and marketing philosophy. The best agents can all recount stories of initial inquiries that took months to mature into a property tour, offer and closed transaction.  It is often from the slowly developing clients that you are able to secure quality referrals and subsequent purchases and sales. The Building Advisor marketing program is no different. It is a long-term relationship building process, leveraging monthly automated marketing campaigns to establish relationships with hundreds of existing and future building residents.  Consistency is the key.  As residents see your name and face regularly, you will always be top of mind when it comes to them taking action and engaging a real estate professional.  Build your brand with repetition and constant contact. Try to consider every contact a relationship worth building upon. A rental inquiry that may not be qualified to make a luxury purchase today, will grow into a buyer over time.  An inquiry about the association may turn into a qualified buyer or seller.
It is all about your perspective.  If you treat every contact made as if they will be part of your growing universe of clients, you will achieve success.
We like to say that when you buy a lead, you work with one prospect, on one transaction. When you buy a building, we help you develop hundreds of relationships with buyers and sellers. Our mission is your building success.  Build relationships, not leads.

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