Building Experts receive all property inquires on their building pages and unit listings exclusively.   Don’t race 5 other agents  to the inquiry like with some other programs – these are all yours. The absolute key to converting leads to money is (1) “speed to lead” and (2) persistence.  Studies have shown that the conversion rate of a lead to client engagement significantly drops (over 70%) if the lead is not responded to in 5 minutes. 300 seconds.  

Call your lead immediately (within 5 minutes), even if you don’t know about the specific listing – you just need to establish contact and open the door to a follow-on conversation.

Most agents do not respond within this timeframe and are quick to dismiss a lead if they do not get a return call or email after 1 or 2 attempts. It is critical to keep trying, up to 7 times. If they do not want your services, they will tell you so.  They inquired, there is no need to be shy about getting to yes.

We have tested and confirmed these best practices work with property inquiries. Smart and disciplined agents that follow these 2 simple rules will succeed and make money.

Our mission is your building success, follow these simple best practices with your leads.
Michael is a member of the senior team and manages Building Expert product development and the Company's condo building database and curation system. He works closely with the Building Experts to establish best practices and help agent's win business and make money by owning buildings. He was previously an investment banker with Guzman & Company where he managed Treasury Services and an online money market portal and with PIMCO, a leading global investment manager. He attended Stanford University on a swimming scholarship where he swam with two national championship teams. Michael enjoys spending as much time as possible in the ocean.

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