How Does My Account Work?

All Building Advisors have a user account that is easily accessed from a link in the homepage.  Your Account has 4 primary sections and provides easy management and update of your Profile, Buildings, Billing and How To.

Profile – easily manage your profile information, bio, password and profile photos.

Buildings – all Building Advisors have a building dashboard in their account which provides building information, details for their building branding and 1-click to start the building marketing campaign.

Billing – easily view buildings in your account and update or cancel one or all with one-click. Cancelling a building stops the next invoice and removes you from the building and unit pages and re-routes leads and inquiries to other agents.

How To – this links from your account page to a variety of written and video training tools to help you set-up your profile, activate your building and use the various program features to help you capture listings and grow sales.


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