Marketing. Ugh. Who has the time to research all of the marketing channels, compile client and prospect lists, design and produce high-impact collateral, aggregate content or market data and then maintain a disciplined monthly marketing calendar so that your message reaches and resonates with your desired audience?  Not me.

I know first hand as a broker (and my wife as a busy luxury agent), that it is very hard for a real estate professional to execute a marketing strategy when the money is ultimately in showing and selling real estate.  We recognize the catch-22 of needing the marketing to grow your brand and business, but never having the time to implement due to our busy lives as an agent.

The key is to leverage technology solutions, specifically marketing automation.  

There are several companies that provide agent marketing solutions, including sending postcards to your farm area, sending monthly email campaigns with market stats to your email list and auto-posting content to your blog and social media sites.  These types of tools and solutions are key to enable you to grow your business without becoming a drain on your time and resources. set out to solve this predicament with a suite of automated marketing tools, specifically geared towards condo buildings.

We created a dynamic post card generation system where agents select from several high-impact postcards which get mailed monthly to building residents or the agent’s database. A Building Report with sales and listing information is sent in a monthly email campaign to building residents and others – prominently featuring the agent as the Building Expert.  

The key is to have marketing in place to grow your brand and business and to use time-saving, third-party automation tools. We hope you begin to automate your marketing – enabling you to focus on the important aspects of showing and selling, while the “machine” is busy building your brand and exposure while you sleep….

Work smarter, not harder through automation.

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