Sheldon Lewis
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I’m getting a steady flow of leads as well as rentals and people who want to buy in a specific building but there isn’t anything for sale  This is allowing me to get a steady flow of potential future buyers to add to marketing etc…  

It’s much better that what I was getting with realtor.com and more cost effective.   I believe that the steady flow of leads and the monthly postcards will make 2017 a good year.

I started with condo.com several months ago.  I have been so impressed with the amount of leads that I cancelled my realtor.com program and expanded into the Building Expert program.  This program actually gives me the opportunity to advertise myself to several hundred condo owners and receive leads for specific areas.  

The customer service is also very good.
Jill Rosenberg is a licensed real estate agent with EWM in Miami, Florida. She has over 20 years of sales, marketing and luxury brand experience. Jill completes millions of dollars of residential transactions annually and is passionate about real estate technology. She is an active writer and product reviewer and a member of the Condo.com Building Expert team.

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