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Out of Sight = Out of Mind = Out of Business: Consistency is the Key

Let’s face it, the competition is fierce! There are A LOT of real estate agents in your area with more getting licensed every week…and why not?

Real Estate is an amazing way to make a (tremendous) living. But, in order to make a living and achieve a high level of success, you need to meet a lot of needs:

You need to make sales;  

In order to make sales you need your customers to call you;  

In order for your customers to call you, they need to know who you are;

In order for your customers to know who you are, you need to be in front of them frequently and over a long period of time.  

One post card or one email blast one time is not going to do it…

Real Estate is a marathon; not a sprint. Repetition and consistency are the keys for anyone who wants to achieve a high level of success in this wonderful business.  This is one of the few industries where you can work for decades.  There is an agent I work with who just turned 91!  He’s out there every day listing and selling property. It’s a beautiful thing…it keeps him young, healthy and relevant.

However, in order to achieve this longevity, you need to establish yourself, create a brand and have consistent interaction with your audience.  It’s very simple: Real Estate is Marketing.  Be the Expert!  Market yourself as the Expert.

Each Building is a community unto itself.  Get the inside information.  If you know who is having a baby, celebrating a graduation or getting divorced you know who may be making a move sometime soon.  These are potential clients.  Be aware of the association issues and potential assessments as well as the interesting events and hot new restaurants in the area. Know this better than anyone and communicate it to your buyers and sellers.  

You need to create a name for yourself as the trustworthy, knowledgable expert in your building and community.  The only way to achieve this requires time, repetition and consistency. can help.  You Are the Building Expert; the ONLY one.  Leverage this exclusivity and use the designation in all your correspondence, advertising and marketing material.  Send the postcards on a monthly basis.  Be in front of your audience all the time so that your name is synonymous with your buildings.

Your customers have a lot on their minds but when they think Real Estate, you want them to think of YOU!

If you are out of sight, then you are out of mind and ultimately out of business…

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