Choosing the right building or multiple buildings for the program is critical to your success.  The selection process should be based on both your personal experience and knowledge of the building and the specific building performance metrics we’ve created around every building.

Do you have the Experience?  – The Building Expert program is a unique automated marketing program that exclusively connects you with hundreds of current and prospective building residents though a combination of online and offline tools.  Since you will be marketed as the “expert” – buyers and sellers in the building will expect that you have a good working knowledge of building amenities, condo association dues and assessments, floor plans, units for sale and rent and recent sales.  Do you possess this knowledge?  Have you toured or completed transactions in the building? 

Agents with personal building experience will always shine and succeed as the Building expert.

What do the Building Metrics say? – Every building on has a set of metrics or data points to help guide your decision.   The building detail pages all have a section titled Building Intelligence which showcases number of units, active inventory, days on market, recent sales and estimated resident income.   Our most successful experts select buildings with a lot of available inventory and high turnover – indicating high activity.  Agents also consider the number of units to maximize exposure to a big captive audience and prefer to be in front of 400 residents in a big building versus 50 residents in a boutique project.  

Resident income levels and average unit prices are other data points to consider for agents looking to serve the moderate, luxury or super-luxury buyer and seller.

The key is finding a building where you are comfortable as the expert and which has buying and selling activity. 

Available buildings can be seen here: and our team of Building Advisors are always available to help you select, activate and optimize the best buildings to help you make money.

Our mission is your building success and it starts with picking the right building.
Richard Swerdlow is the Founder and CEO of and a condo marketing expert. Swerdlow is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of web development and Internet marketing experience. He founded in 2005 and has developed the portal into the leading condo site in the world. He is on a mission to create a new way for real estate agents and others to make money through building marketing. He is an attorney and member of the New York and Florida Bar Associations and a licensed Real Estate Broker. Swerdlow has been interviewed and quoted as an expert on real estate and Internet marketing in various publications and media outlets including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald and affiliates of NBC and ABC. He has appeared as a guest on CBNC and Fox & Friends. Swerdlow can be reached by email at
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